The super-PAC, which supports Republican Mitt Romney's bid for president, will air ads in the Bangor, Presque Isle and Portland-Auburn markets.

While Maine is not a state Romney necessarily hopes to win, it's one of two -- Nebraska is the other -- that can split its electoral votes by district.

That means in an election as close as this one, a tie could come down to a single district in a single state -- namely Maine's 2nd District -- that could, with some effort, go to Romney.

If President Obama were to win Virginia, Nevada, New Hampshire and Wisconsin, while losing North Carolina, Ohio, Florida, Colorado, Iowa and the one electoral vote in Maine's 2nd District, he'd face an Electoral College tie, according to CNN.

The election would then rest in the hands of the newly-elected House of Representatives. Though it's impossible to know the partisan makeup of the House still two weeks out from Election Day, it's unlikely that Democrats would gain enough of an advantage in the lower chamber to elect Obama in such a scenario.