GOP nominee Mitt Romney took a shot at President Obama's campaign slogan of "Forward" Sunday morning, arguing that Obama's call for more time to continue his first-term policies would hurt the country.

"He calls them 'forward.' I call them 'forewarned,'" Romney said in Des Moines, Iowa, telling voters that Obama's second term would look a lot like his first.

Romney said the country was "two days from a new beginning," promising a better future if he's elected.

"With the right leadership, America is going to come roaring back," he said, standing in front of a podium sign that read "Real Change: Day One." "On November 6th we'll come together for a better future. On November 7th we'll get to work... This is much more than our moment, it's America's moment of purpose and renewal and optimism."

Romney also admitted the small state's importance in the battle for the Electoral College. Iowa has only six electoral votes but has been fiercely contested by both campaigns this election.

"I need Iowa, I need Iowa so that we can win the White House and take back America, keep it strong," he closed to cheers.

Romney has trailed in most Iowa polls, including by a five-point deficit in a poll released Saturday by the Des Moines Register that is considered the gold standard of polling in the state. 

Later on Sunday he'll stump in Pennsylvania, a state that his campaign argues is now in play, as well as Ohio and Virginia, two key swing states. Romney and Obama have been neck-and-neck in Virginia polling, while Obama has held a small but steady lead in polls of Ohio.