Clinton ‘pleased’ Sanders ‘flip-flopped’ on guns
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Democratic primary front-runner Hillary ClintonHillary Rodham ClintonFederal, state courts at odds on Michigan recount Denzel Washington blasts media for selling 'BS' Trump opening act questions Clinton's popular vote lead MORE on Sunday said she is grateful that her main primary rival Bernie SandersBernie SandersSanders: GOP blocked 'Trump proposal' to lower drug prices Pentagon's suppressed waste report only tip of the inefficient machine Weather Channel strikes back at Breitbart MORE “flip-flopped” on the issue of guns.

“One of my biggest differences has been on guns, and I’m very pleased that he flip-flopped on the immunity legislation,” she said, referring to Sanders’s position to repeal legislation granting gun manufactures legal immunity.

“Now I hope he will flip-flop on what we call the 'Charleston loophole' and join legislation to close that,” she added. “Because it’s been a key argument of my campaign that we Democrats – in fact, Americans – need to stand up to the gun lobby and pass comprehensive, commonsense gun measures that will make Americans safer. And that’s what I intend to do.”

Sanders said later on the show that he resents the characterization that he is arm in arm with the National Rifle Association (NRA).

“I resent very much the Clinton camp saying I’m in the NRA lobby,” he said. “I have a D-minus, that’s a ‘D,’ like in ‘David,’ from the NRA.”

“I have always believed in a strong, instant background check and doing away with the gun show loophole, which the president is now trying to do,” he added.

The Vermont senator said he has been supportive of legislation to hold gun manufacturers accountable for the actions of their clientele “for several months.”

“If, for example, a manufacturer understands that he is selling guns to an area that are being distributed to criminals, of course that manufacturer should be held liable,” he said.

“So there is new legislation that has now been – I think is going to be introduced, and I am supportive of that. But this is a position that I’ve had for several months.”