Rubio hits Trump, Cruz over debate 'theatrics'
© Greg Nash
"These kinds [of] theatrics by Ted Cruz and Donald Trump are an entertaining sideshow, but they have nothing to do with defeating Hillary Clinton," Rubio said in a statement
"I'm going to stay focused on uniting the Republican party so we can defeat Hillary Clinton and turn the page on eight years of liberal failure," Rubio added. 
The Florida senator was calling out Trump and Cruz, who are favorites to win in the Iowa caucuses on Monday, for duking it out over Trump's plan to skip the GOP debate this week. 
Cruz has argued Trump is afraid of his record and challenged him to a one-on-one debate after the real estate tycoon's campaign said he plans to headline a competing event Thursday night. 
Trump has claimed unfair treatment from Fox News, which is hosting the debate, and has gone after star host Megyn Kelly — a co-moderator for the debate — as a "lightweight."
"We don't have time for these kinds of distractions," Rubio said Wednesday morning, noting that "people are right to be angry" with the Obama administration and want a GOP president. 
Rubio acknowledged that "these debates are so important" but bashed Trump and Cruz for knocking each other instead of Clinton.