Trump ignores GOP rivals, swings at Obama
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Republican prestidential candidate Donald TrumpDonald John TrumpRepublicans hold on to Arizona House seat Dems win majority in New York Senate, but won't control it Mulvaney to bankers: Campaign donations will help limit consumer bureau's power MORE rarely mentioned his GOP rivals Thursday, focusing instead on a litany of President Obama’s failures he would correct as president.

“We have a president who can’t get anybody to do anything,” he said during a rally at Great Bay Community College in Portsmouth, N.H.

“Here’s the problem — nobody wants to make a deal,” Trump added. "What’s missing is a leader. It’s crazy what we’re allowing to happen just because our leaders are incompetent. Washington is gridlocked and nothing good is going to happen. Nothing good’s going to happen again if you people vote in more of these politicians.”

Trump took particularly sharp aim at ObamaCare, saying the president’s signature healthcare law is ineffective and costly.

“ObamaCare is out of control,” he said. "A lot of people forget about the $5 billion website. We are going to terminate it and replace it with something great. How about your deductibles? You have to be dead before you can use them. You have to have a 14-year, slow-moving disease just to use them.”

The billionaire also blasted the Obama administration’s international trade deals, citing lopsided agreements with Japan and Mexico.

“We can’t continue to lose hundreds of billions of dollars to Japan,” Trump said, singling out Japanese auto manufacturers. "We give them practically nothing. It’s called imbalance. It’s all one-way.

“Mexico is killing us at the border and they’re killing us on trade,” he continued. "They just got the big Nabisco plant from Chicago. So what are we not going to eat anymore? Oreos! That’s a good thing, not a bad thing.”

Trump’s silence on his Republican primary foes follows his second place finish in Iowa’s caucuses on Monday behind Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas). The real estate tycoon is now focusing on New Hampshire in hopes of a better showing in its primary Tuesday.