Clinton: 'What happened in Flint is immoral'
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Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton on Sunday afternoon vowed to fight for the residents and children of Flint, Mich., now in the middle of a water contamination crisis, "no matter how long it takes."

"I want you to understand that this is for me a personal commitment. I will stand with you every step of the way. I will not for one minute forget about you or forget about your children," she said Sunday at a community meeting in Flint.

"I will do everything I can to help you get back up, to get your strength and resilience flowing through this community again because what happened here should never have happened anywhere." 

"I'm here because for two years, mothers and fathers are voicing concerns about the water's color, about the smell, about the rashes that it gave to those who were bathing in it," Clinton added.

"And for nearly two years, you were told, Flint was told, the water was safe."

Clinton said she'd met with the mothers of children who told her stories of emergency room visits and behavioral problems, adding that the drinking water emergency in Flint  is a "national priority."

"Clean water is not an option. It is not a luxury," she said. "This is not merely unacceptable or wrong, though it is both, what happened in Flint is immoral."

"The children of Flint are just as precious as the children in any other part of America," Clinton added.  

As a grandmother, she said what happened in Flint made her "angry" and "outraged."

"I was just heartsick. You try to do everything right, as a parent and a grandparent you want the best for those children who are such gifts," she said, "and something out of your control that you thought you could trust has made it so much harder."

"Let's make sure we take care of the children of Flint," she said, "and give every child the chance to live up to his or her God given potential."