GOP oppo research firm prepping to face Sanders
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After Bernie SandersBernard (Bernie) SandersWebb: Bernie Sanders announces his ‘new’ communism jobs, health-care plan A new progressive standard on campaign cash: It can't come from corporations Senate Health panel approves opioid bill MORE' resounding victory in the New Hampshire primary, a Republican opposition research PAC is digging up dirt on the Democraitc presidential hopeful.

America Rising PAC submitted several Freedom of Information Act requests this week for correspondence between Sanders’ Senate office and various governmental agencies, according to BuzzFeed News.

Colin Reed, executive director of America Rising, told BuzzFeed that the PAC was just doing its due diligence. 

“After Secretary Clinton’s embarrassing loss in New Hampshire, self-avowed socialist Bernie Sanders is now in a dead heat for the Democratic nomination,” he said.

“America Rising is acting accordingly, and expanding our already-existing research efforts into Senator Sanders,” he added.

“We’ll continue holding Secretary Clinton accountable, and with three ongoing federal investigations and her trustworthy numbers at astonishing lows, she’s given us plenty of material.”

FOIA logs reviewed by BuzzFeed showed the group looking into Clinton several years ago, due to the lengthy FOIA review process. 

The group also submitted several requests for Sanders last month.