A new ad from Ted CruzTed CruzSenate Republicans reluctant to rush vote on healthcare bill Healthcare bill 'not the last step' to repealing ObamaCare, Republican says Dem senator: GOP's healthcare approach will 'devastate Medicaid' MORE's campaign attacks fellow GOP presidential hopeful Donald TrumpDonald TrumpShould government 'outsource' censorship to Facebook and Twitter? Sanders: FBI's investigation of wife won’t be a ‘distraction’ Schiff: Obama's delayed response to Russian interference 'a very serious mistake' MORE’s “past liberal record” in light of the sudden death of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia.

In the ad, entitled "Supreme Trust, Cruz suggests Trump would nominate a liberal replacement who would go against conservative values on issues such as abortion, gay marriage, and guns.

“Life, marriage, religious liberty, the Second Amendment. We’re just one Supreme Court justice away from losing them all,” a narrator ads reads.

A 1999 interview then appears between the late NBC newsman Tim Russert and Donald Trump during which the billionaire defends abortion.

"Would President Trump ban partial-birth abortions?” Russert asks.

“Well, look, I’m very pro-choice,” Trump responds.

“But you would not ban it?” Russert repeats. “Or ban partial birth abortions?”

“No, I am pro-choice in every respect,” Trump says.

The campaign ad ends on a solemn note: “We cannot trust Donald Trump with these serious decisions."

The television spot, launched Monday, follows another Cruz campaign released over the weekend that attacks Trump for his past support of Planned Parenthood.