Coulter rips Haley’s endorsement of Rubio
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Conservative commentator Ann Coulter on Wednesday heaped scorn on Gov. Nikki HaleyNimrata (Nikki) HaleyStone vows to run candidate against Pence if VP makes 2020 bid Anti-Maduro Venezuelans not unlike anti-Castro Cubans of yore Pompeo called to White House after meeting with Bolton, Haley canceled MORE (R-S.C.) for reportedly endorsing Marco Rubio’s GOP presidential campaign.


Reports emerged Wednesday that Haley will formally back Rubio’s White House run in an evening announcement, three days before her state’s GOP presidential primary.

Haley's blessing is especially coveted, given that she earned national praise last year for her handling of a mass shooting in Charleston, S.C., and subsequent debate over her state’s displays of the Confederate battle flag.

Coulter’s barbs Wednesday are not the first time the right-wing media personality has lashed out at Haley. She swung hard at the governor last month, suggesting her immigration policies merit deportation.

“Trump should deport Nikki Haley,” she tweeted on Jan. 12, referencing Republican presidential front-runner Donald TrumpDonald John TrumpJuan Williams: Trump gives life to the left Kennedy retirement rumors shift into overdrive Pompeo to outline post-deal strategy on Iran MORE.

“Nikki Haley says ‘welcoming properly vetted legal immigrants, regardless of religion,” Coulter added. "Translation – let in all the Muslims.”

Coulter unleashed her ire on Rubio earlier this month, criticizing the freshman senator’s inexperience.

“When Fox News, National Review and the Washington establishment come to you and say, ‘Wouldn’t you prefer that nice Cuban boy? He wears nice high heels, and true, he has no experience and big ears, but we’ve had great luck with that,’ ” she said at a Trump campaign event in Milford, N.H., on Feb. 2. "What will you say to the Washington establishment? 'No, I don’t think so.' "