Kasich: I'd consider Christie for Cabinet
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Republican presidential candidate John Kasich said on Thursday that he'd consider selecting New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie for a Cabinet spot if elected to the White House. 

But Kasich noted Thursday that it's still early in the process.

When asked during the CNN town hall on Thursday night in South Carolina if he'd consider selecting another candidate for his Cabinet, he said he and Christie are "buddies." Christie ended his presidential campaign earlier this month after a sixth-place finish in the New Hampshire primary.
"I like Chris Christie a whole lot," he said. "He’s somebody that was a candidate that would be considered.”
Kasich also praised the other White House hopeful Thursday, noting how difficult it is to run a presidential campaign.

"I think these are all fine people," he said. 
"They all deserve an awful lot of respect, and I like them all. I just don't want to fight with them."