Carson campaign chair: We don't have a path to victory
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Ben CarsonBenjamin (Ben) Solomon CarsonBen Carson suggests wife made decision to purchase ,000 dining set The Hill's 12:30 Report Cost of Pruitt's Italy trip rises above ,000 MORE's campaign chairman says he does not know how Carson can win the GOP presidential nomination.

"Well, we clearly don't know. We don't have a well-defined path to victory," Bob Dees told the Washington Examiner on Tuesday

"But we think the opportunity still exists for people to wake up, and that's what we're hoping."

Dees said the campaign is hoping people gravitate toward Carson before it's too late.

"Thomas Jefferson talked about that. He said that democracy depends on well-informed voters," he said.

"He also said that he thought America would go down this path and the people would be manipulated [but] just before it was too late, people would wake up and regain their senses and start doing the right thing. We are hopeful that that occurs, and that along the way, people start doing the right thing."

Carson has said in the past that he plans to stay in the race despite low poll numbers and having won few delegates.

The candidate said Tuesday that Republican officials have asked him to suspend his campaign. But he said that going into Super Tuesday, people could "awaken and recognize that just what they were asking for is what I have presented for them." 

Donors have also tried to get Carson to drop out, Dees said.

"That's been very tangible. It's been several ... two groups of billionaire types of folks that have pressured him," he added. 
"People that drive super PAC activity and other endeavors and, in fact, there was even discussion of a, well, we can help with the Florida [U.S.] Senate seat if he'll just agree to do what we'd like you to do or support our guy, drop out, etc. ... [R]equests like that to subvert the system really galvanize him further and really substantiate the premise of which he's in this race to start with."