David Brock: ‘Trump is the last stand of the angry white man’
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“Whether he’s mocking Carly Fiorina’s face, suggesting Megyn Kelly was on her period, or talking about Hillary getting ‘schlonged,’ Trump is the last stand of the angry white man,” Brock plans to say in Arizona, according to the Washington Post.
Brock and other pro-Clinton strategists say they expect Trump to prove an especially divisive candidate among women in the general election, when Clinton will make her gender and the prospect of breaking the nation’s “hardest, highest glass ceiling” a major issue.
“Should Trump be the Republican nominee, the prospect of a record-setting gender gap is, well, huuuge,” Brock will say, according to The Post. “In fact, a Hillary-versus-Trump race will likely produce the biggest gender gap in the history of modern American politics.”
Brock will argue that while Trump’s personal attacks on fellow male Republican presidential candidates have worked well, his disparagement of prominent women “fell flat.”
Brock is the co-founder of American Bridge and Correct the Record, two pro-Clinton groups.
Clinton accused Trump of having a “penchant for sexism” in December, after Trump made a seemingly vulgar reference in saying Clinton “got schlonged” in the 2008 presidential race.
Trump has since bragged that he was able to neutralize Clinton’s “war on women” claims by putting attention on the sex scandals.