“I think [Florida Sen. Marco] Rubio and [Ohio Gov. John] Kasich have got to decide among themselves: Can they be an alternative to Trump over time?” he said on NBC’s "Meet The Press."
"To me, it’s clear that Ted has made the best case thus far that he can be the alternative to Trump.
"The best thing I think could happen is for the party to unite before Ohio and Florida and make sure that we not only beat Trump in Ohio and Florida, but that we have a candidate that can beat him thereafter. And right now it seems like Ted Cruz has the best case to be made."
Graham has long criticized his Senate colleague's candidacy. He said in January that choosing between Cruz and Trump is "all like being shot or poisoned."
"I think you get the same result, whether it's quick or it takes a long time,” he said.

But he has since said that rallying around Cruz could at least stave off a win by Trump, who has won support in part by making divisive comments about Muslims and Hispanics and who last Sunday hedged when asked about support from white supremacist David Duke.