Trump to establishment: Let's come together
"I'd say, let's come together folks. We're going to win," the GOP presidential front-runner said in his victory speech Tuesday night after primary wins in Michigan and Mississippi.
At a press conference held at Trump headquarters in Florida, the billionaire was asked whether he agrees that to win the general election he's going to need to get mainstream Republicans behind him. 
"Not 100 percent, but largely I would say yes," Trump replied. "Some people you're just not going to get along with. ... But largely I would like to do that. 
"And believe it or not, I am a unifier. I unify. I mean you look at all of the things I built all over the world. I'm a unifier. I get along with people."
Trump said he didn't know if there is such a thing as the establishment, "but whether you call them the establishment or not, they should embrace" the extraordinary voter enthusiasm the Trump campaign has been generating. 
"The Democrats would love to have what's happening. ... There's no spirit there," Trump added. 
"We're way up with millions of people. So what I say to the Republicans is embrace it. We will win the election easily."