Kasich: Wall Street sometimes ‘swings towards greed’
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Gov. John Kasich (R-Ohio) on Sunday said that Wall Street is sometimes guilty of putting profit before the national good.

“I think there was greed on Wall Street, no question about it,” he said of the 2008 economic crisis on CNN’s “State of the Union.”

“They just kept adding on additional leverage until they couldn’t keep up with it,” Kasich continued. "I think sometimes, on Wall Street, the pendulum swings towards greed, and I think it’s wrong and it’s terrible.

“Free enterprise is great, but it has to have a moral underpinning. Greed is really a leading reason for why we’re having problems. The regulators have to do their job. We absolutely have to keep a handle on this.”

Kasich, a GOP presidential candidate, also argued that more work is needed for improving America’s international trade agreements.

“I think NAFTA has been basically a wash,” he said, citing the North American Free Trade Agreement as an example. “I don’t think we can walk away from free trade, but I’m for fair trade.”

Kasich’s remarks come before Ohio’s critical GOP presidential primary this coming Tuesday.

The Ohio governor is banking heavily on a win in his home state, arguing that its large number of delegates would change the complexion of the White House race.