Former North Carolina state Sen. David Rouzer (R) is thinking about taking another shot at Rep. Mike McIntyre (D-N.C.), who beat him by just 650 votes in 2012 in one of the closest House races in the nation.

"I'm still evaluating my options," Rouzer told the Charlotte News & Observer. He said that he would have won his 2012 race if Mitt Romney had done slightly better in the state, and expected Republicans would do better in the midterm election.

Rouzer blamed a late campaign start for some of his struggles, though he announced his House bid in August of 2011. He said that if he runs again, he'll get in even earlier this time.

McIntyre has proven to be a tough campaigner year after year, and his 2012 win came despite his district becoming much more Republican in redistricting — President Obama won just 40 percent of the vote there in 2012. McIntyre could face an even tougher race this time around, however — his district still has a significant African-American population that turned out in high numbers for Obama and will be harder to turn out in a midterm election.