President Obama wants to "reduce your freedom to ashes," according to a fundraising email from the political arm of the National Rifle Association sent to supporters on Thursday.

"There are political fires raging across Capitol Hill right now and they’re closing in fast on your Right to Keep and Bear Arms," writes Chris Cox, the head of the NRA's lobbying arm. "The main goal of the gun banners in Congress is not to make schools safer, but to ban your guns and abolish every last sacred right you have under the Second Amendment ... until they reduce your freedom to ashes."

Cox attacks Obama and his "rich, gun-hating friends in Hollywood, along with anti-gun billionaire Michael Bloomberg who will shower him with the money he needs to strip you of your gun rights," and asks for donations in order to be able to fight back against their efforts.

The recent push on guns may turn out to be a fundraising boon for the group, as the issue has long laid dormant at the federal level.