Potential Supreme Court pick mocked 'Darth Trump' in tweets
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Texas Supreme Court Justice Don Willett was named as one of 11 potential justices whom Donald TrumpDonald John TrumpAccuser says Trump should be afraid of the truth Woman behind pro-Trump Facebook page denies being influenced by Russians Shulkin says he has White House approval to root out 'subversion' at VA MORE would consider nominating for the U.S. Supreme Court on Wednesday.

But in recent months, the jurist has appeared skeptical of the now-presumptive GOP front-runner and seemed to openly mock him on Twitter.

“Donald Trump haiku— Who would the Donald Name to #SCOTUS?” Willett tweeted last summer. “The mind reels. *weeps—can't finish tweet*”

More recently, the Duke University law school grad has mocked Trump’s troubled university endeavor.

And just last month, Willett mocked Trump’s excessive braggadocio, while comparing him to "Star Wars" villain Darth Vader.

“’We'll rebuild the Death Star,’” Willett tweeted, in the guise of “Darth Trump.”

“’It'll be amazing, believe me. And the rebels will pay for it.’"

The comments could prove to be uncomfortable for Willett, a prolific Twitter user who is now a potential Supreme Court justice, should Trump win the presidency in November.

Trump released the Texas justice’s name along with those of 10 others on Thursday, as possible replacements for late Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia.