The post then points out government employees noted Clinton's brother owned the company while reviewing the application for the visas.

"Zhenjun Zhang, a Vice President with Huawei Technologies, a company long-suspected of engaging in Chinese espionage, applied for an EB-5 visa through Gulf Coast Funds Management," the post reads. "Yet when reviewing EB-5 applications from Gulf Coast Funds, USCIS employees noted the company was 'well connected,' citing 'the principal is the brother of former First Lady and Senator and current secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton.'"

The report is presented without comment. One of America Rising's main goals is to soften up potential Democratic presidential candidates long before the official campaign begins, and act as a repository of opposition research. As Clinton is the clear front-runner on the Democratic side, expect attacks on her record to ramp up in the coming months from the group, created by Mitt Romney's former campaign manager.