Rand Paul: Presidential speculation 'good for Kentucky'

"I think it's a benefit for Kentucky to have two loud voices that are prominent on the national scene," Paul told the Lexington Herald-Leader, a reference to both himself and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.).

He said that while he has traveled frequently in recent months, he makes an effort to get back to Kentucky frequently.

"I'm home every weekend," he said. "I go to my kids' soccer games, my kid's golf matches. I go to church every Sunday in my hometown."

Paul is widely known to be considering a run for president in 2016, and visits to early primary states, including Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina, have fueled chatter in political circles about his prospects in a potential GOP primary.

Paul said Kentuckians shouldn't be concerned at his stops around the nation, because he remains committed to the state.

"I do travel," he said. "I mean, I am making speeches in other places. But I think that if you look closely, I've not only been everywhere in Kentucky and continue to be, but our office is very concerned with a lot of legislation peculiar to Kentucky."

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