According to The Washington Post, the Ready for Hillary super-PAC is issuing an email to supporters penned by Mark Alexander, who worked as policy director and senior adviser on Obama's 2008 campaign, urging them to sign up for ObamaCare.

In his email, Alexander writes that despite the damage done by the "Republican government shutdown," Republicans "have not stopped 30 million Americans from being eligible for affordable coverage under Obamacare."

He goes on to praise Clinton for fighting "hard for health insurance reform throughout her career." As first lady, Clinton spearheaded an ultimately failed effort to push health care reform through Congress in the 90s.

"Last week, she called Obamacare 'a very important step forward on behalf of our country.' As President Obama's Policy Director in the 2008 campaign, I was proud when Obamacare passed, and I was elated to hear Hillary's words," he writes.

Alexander then urges uninsured supporters to sign up for coverage at and to help inform others about the law's benefits.

"We need your help to ignore the noise and spread the word about the quality, affordable coverage that Americans can now apply for under Obamacare," he writes.

Ready for Hillary is one of the most prominent super-PACs supporting Clinton's potential bid. It's engaged largely in grassroots outreach and works in an unofficial capacity to pave the way for the former secretary of State.