Romney: It's ok to change your mind, Obama did

Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney (R) on Tuesday defended his decision to change his mind on abortion when he was governor.

Romney campaigned as a pro-abortion rights candidate and maintained that position throughout much of his governorship. But the 2008 GOP presidential candidate said that he had a change of heart because of a bill that was considered that would have allowed human embryo research. 

Republican and Democratic opponents of Romney used his switch on the campaign trail to paint him as a flip-flopper who has no core principles.

But Romney, who is presumed to be a 2012 presidential hopeful, said on "Imus in the Morning" broadcast by Fox Business Network:

If you change your mind on abortion, which I did when I was governor, you’re going to have a lot of people not happy with you. That was certainly the case. Once you get a narrative it’s hard to shake it. Just recognize that it’s part of the game of politics.

The ex-governor later said that President Barack Obama also changed his mind when he decided to send more troops to Afghanistan:

He changed his mind and that’s a good thing. As you recall, he was the most anti-war, get out no matter what guy in Iraq among all the Democratic nominees. And he won, I think in part, because of that posture. Becoming president he agreed with John McCain and President Bush and has kept our troops there. Actually having voted against the surge in Iraq, he is applying it to the surge in Afghanistan. I give him credit where he recognizes he was wrong.

Many on the left attacked Obama's decisions to send more troops to fight al-Qaeda and the Taliban and Afghanistan and many on the right hit the administration for setting a timetable for withdrawal.

Obama criticized the Iraq War on the campaign trail but said the U.S. should focus its strategy on Afghanistan. 

Should Romney enter the 2012 race and Obama run for reelection, look for this argument to reemerge.

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