"Yes, the Republicans drew a Democratic district, using most of my present district and creating a seat which is based in the Cleveland area," Kucinich said in a fundraising letter on Thursday. "Some statehouse Democrats want to repeal this map. I don't."

Earlier in the year, Kucinich toyed with the idea of moving to Washington state to run for the House there, amid concerns that Republicans would dismantle his district during the once-per-decade map redistricting process. Instead, Republicans drew a seat that included about half of his old district and half of the district currently represented by Rep. Marcy Kaptur (D-Ohio).

That pits Kaptur and Kucinich into a likely Democratic primary between two incumbents. While the Republican-drawn map makes it likely that the winner of that primary will also win the general election, it doesn't guarantee that Kucinich will make it past Kaptur. She won her 2010 reelection by 18 points and has been serving in the House for almost 30 years.