The head of New Jersey's redistricting panel is hoping that by Christmas, the panel will reach an agreement on a new map — and on which two House members will be forced to square off against each other.

New Jersey is losing one seat in the once-per-decade redistricting process due to population growth that was slower than in other parts of the country. Neither Democrats nor Republicans, who have an almost even split in the state's current congressional delegation, want one of their districts dismantled.

John Farmer Jr., the tie-breaking member of the panel and the dean of Rutgers Law School, said the panel might be able to reach a deal by Christmas, the AP reported, even though the deadline isn't until mid-January.

Potential incumbent-on-incumbent match-ups in New Jersey include Rep. Steve Rothman (D) against Rep. Scott Garrett (R), and Rep. Leonard Lance (R) against Rep. Rush Holt (D).