The Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee (DLCC) is launching a $20 million redistricting effort.

The effort focuses on the most competitive state legislature battles in the country in hopes of keeping as many as possible under Democratic control.

"We’re in charge of 60 legislative chambers, most of which will draw maps for 383 congressional and 5,074 legislative seats," DLCC Executive Director Michael Sargeant said in a memo. "But 21 chambers in 17 states are within fives seats of changing hands. These 17 states will shape 198 congressional districts."

Much of the DLCC's work appears as though it will be defensive. Since Democrats hold a majority of state chambers, they will be focusing their defense on 10 chambers and going after five currently held by Republicans.

The ones Sargeant identifies for defense are the Alabama Senate (21D-14R), Colorado Senate (21D, 14R), Indiana House (52D, 48R), Nevada Senate (12D, 9R), New Hampshire Senate (14D, 10R), New York Senate (31D, 30R, 1 vacancy), Ohio House (53D, 46R), Pennsylvania House (103D, 97R, 3 vacancies), Wisconsin Assembly (52D, 46R, 1I), Wisconsin Senate (18D, 15R).

The five offensive opportunities he includes are the Michigan Senate (16D, 22R), Missouri House (74D, 88R, 1 vacancy), Oklahoma Senate (22D, 26R), Tennessee House (48D, 51R) and Texas House (73D, 77R).