Bill Clinton praised Sen. Blanche Lincoln (D-Ark.) for her role in passing financial reform legislation at a time when unions are accusing the senator of "representing Wall Street."

"She has written the toughest Wall Street reform proposal to help Main Street businesses," Clinton said in a statement released ahead of his "countdown to victory" rally with Lincoln.

Clinton also makes the argument that the incumbent can bring the federal bacon home for Arkansas — a pitch that may fall on deaf ears in a year when government spending is so unpopular.

"She has fought for Arkansas farmers, ranchers and foresters," the former president said. "Arkansas cannot afford to lose Blanche's leadership as chairman of the Senate Agriculture Committee."

Clinton will be in Little Rock on Friday for a rally with Lincoln at Philander Smith College.

Republicans believe Lincoln's defense of her left flank makes her more vulnerable in the general.

"Her continued unabashed support of the Obama Administration's far-left policies puts her at odds with the majority of her state and out of touch with voters," Katie Wright, a spokeswoman for the Republican National Committee, said in a statement.

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