Florida Gov. Charlie Crist won't be endorsed by one prominent independent politician.

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who originally ran as a Republican but switched to an independent party, will not endorse Crist's Senate campaign, reports the St. Petersburg Times.

NYC Deputy Mayor Howard Wolfson told the paper that rumors Bloomberg would endorse Crist were "false" and the chances of the mayor helping Crist out were "zero." Wolfson said: "Mayor Bloomberg was very disappointed that Gov. Crist vetoed an excellent education bill and has no intention of endorsing him."

Crist announced in April he would abandon his bid for the Republican nomination and run as an independent.

And Bloomberg isn't the only independent keeping his distance from Crist.

Earlier this month, Sen. Joe Lieberman (I-Conn.) told The Hill he and Crist "have agreed to keep in touch" but didn't say anything about an endorsement.

Lieberman, who kept his Senate seat by running as an independent after he lost the Democratic nomination in 2006, said he and Crist talked about running as an independent but an endorsement wasn't specifically discussed.

"I wish him well," Lieberman said. "We talked and just agreed to keep in touch."