Fiorina takes lead in race for Senate nod

In California's Senate race, Republican Carly Fiorina has bolted out in front of her challengers as the June 8 primary draws near, according to a new poll released Sunday. 

Fiorina has built a 15-point lead over her main primary opponent Tom Campbell -- up 38 percent to 23 percent, in a new Los Angeles Times/USC poll today. 

Campbell, who held a slight lead over Fiorina back in March, is the only Republican who was set up to beat three-term incumbent Sen. Barbara Boxer (D). Campbell has held a 45 percent to 38 percent lead over Boxer, whereas Fiorina was behind by six points. Another Republican, Chuck DeVore has about 16 percent of the vote and is projected to lose to Boxer by 10 points, according to the poll. 

Boxer is running in a tight race and President Barack Obama has recently made a couple of fundraising trips out to California to aid her campaign. 

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