Gov. Charlie Crist (R) vetoed a controversial abortion bill Friday, prompting an outcry from his opponents in Florida's Senate campaign.

The legislation, known as HB 1143, would have required women seeking an abortion during their first trimester to have an ultrasound and cover the cost themselves.

Crist said it placed an undue burden on women seeking an abortion, according to the Associated Press.

Crist's veto is the latest chapter in what's become a running feud with the Republican-controlled Legislature.

Crist's opponents in the Senate race were quick to react.

Republican Marco Rubio said Crist's decision "clears the way for taxpayer funding of abortion in Florida."

"Once again, Charlie Crist has put politics ahead of principled policy-making," he said in statement. "Not only would this commonsense measure have provided women with vital information as they make a critical decision, but now Governor Crist’s veto also clears the way for taxpayer funding of abortion in Florida."

Democrat Kendrick Meek called the decision a "no-brainer" but pointed out Crist's not necessarily pro-choice.

"The governor can never escape his anti-choice past however hard he tries to run away from it," he said in a statement.

Meek's rival for the Democratic nod, real estate mogul Jeff Greene, had a similar reaction. "The fact that Charlie Crist even had to think about whether or not to veto this bill is just more evidence that Crist is a flip-flopper," he said in a statement.