Nevada Senate candidate Sharron Angle (R) is in Washington Tuesday, where she'll join Senate Republicans at their weekly policy luncheon on Capitol Hill.

Angle, who is challenging Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.), will be dining just a few steps away from where Reid will be eating with the Democratic Caucus.

After the luncheon, Angle will meet with Sen. John Cornyn (R-Texas), the chairman of the National Republican Senatorial Committee, about her campaign.

Angle has been on an East Coast swing this week and has done interviews with Fox News.

The Tea Party-backed candidate had taken a different tack than that of fellow Tea Party Senate nominee Rand Paul (R-Ky.), who came under fire after his primary win for his controversial comments about civil rights. Paul appeared on several national news outlets after his win and retreated from the national press after fallout from his comments questioning the Civil Rights Act.

Angle appeared on Fox News Channel's "Fox and Friends" Monday morning and on "Hannity" Monday night, where she offered to debate Reid on the news channel favored by conservatives.

"I'd like to dare Harry Reid to come on your show and debate me on the issues," she told host Sean Hannity.

Hannity offered them the time. "Listen, if Harry Reid will come on this program, I will offer an hour [of] airtime and I will just get out of way as much as I can, throw out a few issues, stay out of the way, and let you guys have at it for an hour. He won't have the courage to come on this program," he said.

The two also talked about allegations that Angle isn't doing a lot of national media interviews.

"It's obvious the media wants to attack you just like Rand Paul, who was on this program last week," Hannity said. "Are you going to give them what they want? Are you going to go on their shows or are you going to run your campaign locally in the state? What are your plans media-wise for this campaign?"

"You may have heard that I've been dodging the media. But I actually I've been doing five to seven interviews with folks that can really help me, every day I'm on somebody's talk show," she said.

Meanwhile, Reid is getting some White House help again.

President Barack Obama will be in Las Vegas in early July to campaign for Reid, the Las Vegas Review-Journal reported Monday night.

Obama has been in the state twice for Reid. First lady Michelle Obama held events with Reid in Nevada in the beginning of June, and former President Bill Clinton campaigned for him in the state last week.