The Tea Party Express launched a get-out-the-vote effort on behalf of Utah Senate candidate Mike Lee (R) on Monday.

The group, which helped Sharron Angle win the GOP nod in Nevada, will get its 375,000-strong national membership to call in to Utah to encourage Republicans to get to the polls for Lee on Tuesday. "Our membership is excited about Mike Lee's candidacy, and we're working hard to get his supporters to the polls," Bryan Shroyer, the group's political director, said in a statement.

The group has also spent "tens of thousands of additional dollars" on radio ads supporting Lee.

Lee faces businessman Tim Bridgewater in the Republican Senate primary for Sen. Bob Bennett's (R-Utah) seat. 

A large turnout isn't expected for tomorrow's vote. 

"Unfortunately, I think that the turnout is going to be fairly low," Dave Hansen, chairman of the Utah Republican Party, told the Ballot Box. "Some are predicting around 10 percent, some are saying it could go as high as 15. We're all doing everything we can to encourage everyone to vote. We'll have to wait and see — the weather will be good."

The Bridgewater campaign said it's also focused on turnout. Bridgewater is appearing at several honk-and-waves around the state Monday and his campaign plans to make 50,000 calls Tuesday, according to Tiffany Gunnerson, a spokeswoman for his campaign.

A Deseret News/KSL-TV poll released over the weekend showed Bridgewater with a nine-point lead over Lee.

The June 12-17 survey of 581 highly likely GOP primary voters statewide found that 42 percent planned to support Bridgewater and 33 percent were going for Lee.