As conservative activists begin shifting their focus from Utah to Colorado's upcoming Republican Senate primary, so will Sen. Jim DeMint and his Senate Conservatives Fund.

DeMint is backing Weld County prosecutor Ken Buck against former Lt. Gov. Jane Norton, and just as it was in Utah, his backing is likely to be an issue in the race. 

In a statement Wednesday congratulating Lee on his victory, DeMint said, "Mike came from behind to win this race because of his unwavering support for the Constitution and the principles of freedom. Mike was the target of some very malicious campaign attacks, but he kept his focus on fighting for Utah families and prevailed."

The "malicious" attacks referred to a Bridgewater mailer hitting DeMint's support of Lee. The mailer also accused DeMint of wanting to use Utah as a "dumping ground" for nuclear waste.  

In Colorado, Norton has been taking serious fire from conservatives, as has the National Republican Senatorial Committee. Committee Chairman John Cornyn (R-Texas) is holding a joint fundraiser with Norton June 25.

Despite recent poll numbers that have Buck ahead of Norton by double-digits, Norton's candidacy offers a somewhat tougher test for conservative activists. Norton has plenty of money and some serious consulting heft behind her bid.  

The Republican primary is August 10.