Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) has zeroed in on his primary opponent's appearance in an infomercial for a shady company promising "free money grants" to prospective customers.

The McCain camp released two new TV spots Wednesday that use footage from a 2007 infomercial, which featured J. D. Hayworth telling viewers the product was not "too good to be true."

Hayworth, a former congressman, appeared in a 2007 spot for National Grants Conferences, a Florida-based company that was investigated by several states for its business practices.

The ads are airing statewide and represent a significant investment by the McCain camp — one of the versions is 60 seconds long.

"J.D. Hayworth: Pork barrel spender, lobbyists, huckster?," the announcer says.

Hayworth: "It is real."

Announcer: "Character matters."

California-based Republican consultant Fred Davis is producing McCain's TV ads.

Earlier this week, Hayworth trumpeted the release of a poll that showed him trailing McCain by 11 points.