Republican Senate candidate Marco Rubio ripped Florida Gov. and Independent Senate candidate Charlie Crist Wednesday for his response to the Gulf oil spill.  

On CNN's "The Situation Room," Rubio said the governor had not done enough to press the Obama administration on the federal government's response to the disaster. 

Rubio said Crist was doing a great job of getting "press releases and press conferences and video time," in the wake of the Gulf spill. "But the other part is to get results," said Rubio. "And right now we're not getting results from the Obama administration." 

On continued deep-water drilling, Rubio said there is evidence it can be done safely and that he would support it if that was indeed the case.

"I have always been a fan of alternative and efficiency improvements that allow us to become energy independent," said Rubio. "But in the short term, the truth is that America has to increase its domestic energy production. And part of that may have to be offshore drilling."