Utah Sen. Bob Bennett (R), who was denied a spot on the Republican primary ballot at the party's state convention in May, has some advice for the man who may replace him come November: Compromise is often a must in the U.S. Senate.

Bennett told the Salt Lake Tribune that if Republican Senate nominee Mike Lee does make it to Washington, he will find the reality of the Senate much different from the campaign trail.

"I know there are those among Mike's supporters who believe he will take the Senate floor, deliver a masterful speech on the Constitution and change the course of the republic. That is not going to happen," Bennett told the Tribune.

"For him to demand that the Senate vote a certain way based on his interpretation of the Constitution is not going to sway senators who have made up their own minds on that issue based on their interpretation of the Constitution," Bennett said.

On Tuesday, Lee defeated Tim Bridgewater in a close Republican primary. After his ouster at the state convention, Sen. Bennett endorsed Bridgewater in the primary.