Linda McMahon ad: 'I had a regular job'

In Connecticut, Republican Senate candidate and former World Wrestling Entertainment CEO Linda McMahon references her past as head of WWE in a new campaign ad.

"Before I decided to run for the Senate, I had a regular job," McMahon joked in a 60-second spot released by the campaign Thursday. The ad features shots of McMahon inside the ropes at WWE events.

McMahon does not address any of the criticisms that have emerged over her time as CEO. Her role has come under scrutiny in various news reports and has become fodder for her political opponents. 

Earlier this week, the widow of former professional wrestler Owen Hart filed a lawsuit against WWE and McMahon. It alleges WWE has used Hart's image without the consent of his family. The McMahon campaign has said it will make no official comment on the suit.  

McMahon is facing Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal in November's general election. 

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