Vice President Joe Biden's visit Tuesday to survey oil spill cleanup efforts along Florida's panhandle led to more sparring between the candidates in Florida's Senate contest. 

Republican Marco Rubio again criticized the federal government's response to the spill. In a statement, Rubio said Floridians are frustrated by the government's "inaction" on the cleanup. 

"I hope the vice president will return to Washington with a message that those on the ground in Florida are frustrated by the inaction, indecision and inability of the federal government to help deliver more boom, skimmers and resources to the affected communities," said Rubio. "For the sake of Florida's recovery and future, the federal response must get up to speed." 

While Rubio didn't mention Gov. Charlie Crist (I) by name, his plea for the response to "get up to speed" is a veiled shot at Crist who told Fox News last week he thought the administration "has gotten up to speed." 

There was also no mention of Rubio's position on continued offshore drilling. In a TV appearance Monday, Crist reiterated his support for a ban on drilling off Florida's coast.

Rubio has said he would support continued deepwater drilling, as long as it can be done safely.