A new Rasmussen poll out Thursday puts former Rep. Pat Toomey (R) ahead of Rep. Joe Sestak (D) by six points in the race for Senate in Pennsylvania.

Toomey leads with 45 percent of the vote to Sestak's 39, with 11 percent undecided.

The polling in this race has remained fairly static — Rasmussen notes that Toomey's support has remained in the 42-47 percent range in all of its previous polling on the Senate race.

Toomey also has stronger support among Republican voters than Sestak has among Democrats, according to the numbers. A full 81 percent of Republicans say they are backing Toomey, while 70 percent of Democrats say they are behind Sestak.

A PPP survey from mid-June had the race in a 41-41 tie. Those numbers also had Sestak with 70 percent support among Democrats, which marked a 10 percent jump for Sestak from a March survey.