Ohio Democrat Jennifer Brunner reignited an intraparty feud in her first major interview two months after losing the Senate primary.

Brunner, who has yet to endorse Senate nominee Lee Fisher (D), is still bashing the Democratic "establishment." She maintains that donors were pressured not to give to her campaign and criticizes groups like EMILY's List for not supporting her in the primary.

"EMILY's List has been around long enough that I'm afraid they've become establishment," the Ohio secretary of state told the Columbus Dispatch. "Their name stands for 'Early Money Is Like Yeast.' But their practice today is 'Show us you can raise money, and then we'll help you raise money.' "

Officials have denied donors were pressured not to give to Brunner and she hasn't offered evidence of her claims.

During the interview, Brunner spoke "with disdain" about modern campaigning.

"The voters see a 30-second or even 15-second slice of what's been polled and tested and focus-grouped," she said. "The voters don't really know what they got, and the candidate, when they become the public official, is then left with, 'Who did I get money from, and who do I have to pay attention to first?' "

Brunner has formed "Courage PAC," and recently sent an e-mail to supporters urging them to back North Carolina Senate candidate Elaine Marshall, but she has pointedly refused to endorse Fisher since losing to him by 11 points in the May 4 primary. A spokesman for Brunner's office said that was because she wants to avoid partisan activities as she's the state's top elections official.

Fisher faces Republican Rob Portman in the general.

--Updated at 12:37 p.m.