Florida Senate candidate Kendrick Meek (D) remains a consistent fundraiser — pulling in more than $1 million for the second quarter in a row. The Meek campaign announced Thursday it raised "over $1 million from more than 7,000 supporters" between March 31 and June 30. A spokesman for Meek said the campaign now has more than $4 million cash on hand.

In the first quarter of 2010, Meek raised more than $1 million and reported having $3.7 million banked.

Meek is the first candidate in the three-way Senate race to release his figures. Gov. Charlie Crist and Republican Marco Rubio have yet to announce their totals. Last quarter, Crist had $7.6 million in the bank while Rubio had $3.9 million.

--Updated at 9:26 a.m.