South Carolina Senate candidate Alvin Greene’s first speech Sunday lasted just longer than six minutes and, in a first for his so-called campaign, he managed to not make a major gaffe. 

The unemployed military veteran, who won the Democratic primary June 8 despite not holding a single campaign event, survived a challenge to his primary victory from state lawmaker Vic Rawl. Greene faces Sen. Jim DeMint (R) in the fall.  

Speaking before a local NAACP chapter Sunday, Greene hit on the economy and education but made no mention of his recent idea to create jobs by manufacturing dolls in his image.   

More from the Associated Press:

There were platitudes familiar to anyone who has heard a stump speech. 

“Let’s get South Carolina and America back to work and let’s move South Carolina forward,” said Greene, one of about a dozen lines that got applause from the several hundred folks crammed into a sweltering junior high gymnasium. 

While singing and speeches by others slowly unfolded before Greene took the podium, the candidate occasionally fidgeted, wiped his brow and intently studied a black spiral notebook where he apparently wrote his remarks. The speech had very few of the long pauses that have marked his unprepared conversations with reporters. 

Greene rattled off national job loss statistics, and he said the state needs to put more people to work adding more lanes to hurricane evacuation routes. 

On education, he mentioned South Carolina’s dismal rankings in standardized tests. 

Greene did not take questions and avoided reporters after the event.