The Hartford Courant editorial board is backing Rob Simmons for the GOP Senate nomination after the former congressman restarted his campaign this week.

The board made its endorsement based on Simmons's "gold-plated public-service resume."

"Simmons is a Vietnam veteran. That would help him in the fall election against Democrat Richard Blumenthal, whose dissembling on his service status has cost him some points in public opinion polls," the board wrote. "Mr. Simmons, further, was a CIA operative, a staff member in the U.S. Senate, a state legislator and a three-term congressman. He knows the issues. He's in the mainstream. He's got an impressive resume."

Former WWE CEO Linda McMahon (R), the board writes, "clearly has leadership skills and business moxie. She has the ability to deftly handle rhetorical fastballs." But it notes she won't "test her capacity to withstand hostile questions in additional debates with her rivals."

It goes on, "To the extent that voters believe — unfairly or not — that the content of her business enterprise reflects her values, it distracts from her campaign message. Likewise, any new whiff of scandal could damage her candidacy."

Regarding investor Peter Schiff (R), the board noted his "bleak predictions and unrealistic prescription are unlikely to attract many voters."