Colorado Republicans Jane Norton and Ken Buck are both spending heavily on ads in the run-up to the state's August 10 primary. 

The Denver Post reports that Norton has raised $93,636 since July 1 to Buck's $80,966 during that same time.

From the Post:

Norton had slightly more cash on hand with $459,628 to Buck's $437,529 as of July 21. Both campaigns have ads up, Buck's camp is getting significant help from outside groups buying radio and television ads for him.

Much of Norton's $418,000 in expenditures in July is going to ad buys, said spokeswoman Cinamon Watson. Buck has spent $307,585 through July 21.

...Americans for Job Security has doled out more than $1.6 million on Buck's behalf, with almost $500,000 going out for negative Jane Norton television and radio through Aug. 2. The group is a “trade organization” that doesn't have to disclose its donor lists.

In addition, the Senate Conservatives Fund — a political-action committee started by South Carolina Sen. Jim DeMint — has spent $139,000 so far to help Buck.