After former Colorado House Speaker Andrew Romanoff (D) sold his house last week to help prop up the finances of his campaign, Sen. Michael Bennet (D-Colo.) has loaned $300,000 to his ahead of the Aug. 10 Democratic primary.

The move from Bennet shows just how worried the candidate is about Romanoff's recent surge. The latest polling numbers in the race showed the two in a dead heat, after months of Bennet holding the lead in the race.

Romanoff has spent the last week hitting Bennet with negative ads. The sharpest attack came over Bennet's work for investor Phil Anschultz. A Romanoff spot accuses Bennet of "looting" the company Regal Cinema by helping secure a billion dollars in dividends for the company's board members.

Bennet has responded in kind, hitting Romanoff over ties to lobbyists during his time in the Colorado state House.

The one thing Bennet still has is a fundraising edge. While Romanoff raised more than $600,000 in the second quarter and received some high-profile help from former President Clinton in the form of a fundraising e-mail, Romanoff reported less than $500,000 cash on hand at the end of the quarter.

Bennet raised $1.2 million over the quarter and reported a hefty $2.6 million cash on hand. Bennet is likely to put his cash to use on TV down the stretch in the hopes of blunting Romanoff's momentum.

The wildcard in this race is the role of mail-in and early voting. Ballots were mailed to most of the state's primary voters two weeks ago, and early-voting centers in the state have been open since then, too. That means plenty of voters have already weighed in ahead of the volley of attacks Bennet and Romanoff are now trading.