Former Rep. Rob Simmons (R-Conn.) has cut into Republican primary opponent Linda McMahon's lead with less than a week to go before the Aug. 10 primary.

But there's still no sign McMahon is paying any attention to the recently revived Simmons campaign.

New numbers from Quinnipiac still have McMahon leading Simmons by a solid margin. She is ahead 47 percent to 30. But that's down from the 52-25 percent lead she held in mid-July.

Even as Simmons gains slightly, the new poll shows McMahon continues to inch closer to state Attorney General Richard Blumenthal (D), who now leads McMahon 50 percent to 40.

In mid-July, Blumenthal led 54-37 percent.

On the Republican side, it remains to be seen whether the bizarre resurgence for Simmons will push him to further increase his campaign activity in the final week.

In late July, Simmons made a large ad buy that he said was aimed at simply reminding voters his name will still appear on the Aug. 10 primary ballot. But just a week later, Simmons declared himself a candidate again at a debate with businessman Peter Schiff. That was followed by an e-mail to supporters and the launch of another TV ad that took a shot at McMahon's self-funding.

Back in May, Simmons suspended his campaign after he was unable to secure his party's endorsement at the state convention.

Simmons has not held a fundraiser or rehired any campaign staff since declaring himself back in the primary.

The McMahon campaign doesn't appear worried. In a release this morning, the campaign touted McMahon's gains among independent voters in the new Q-poll, while making no mention of Simmons.

McMahon is now slightly ahead of Blumenthal among independent voters — McMahon gets 46 percent of independents to Blumenthal's 44.