Lt. Gov. Dan Mongiardo (D) gave a lukewarm endorsement Wednesday to the man who defeated him in the Kentucky Senate primary.

Mongiardo had been tight-lipped about his support for Attorney General Jack Conway since losing to him in May.

Speculation about Mongiardo's intentions was mounting ahead of the Fancy Farm Picnic this Saturday. The event is the unofficial beginning of the campaign season in Kentucky and is as well attended as the Ames straw poll in Iowa.

But he issued a statement saying he would not be attending the event and would back his party's nominee.

"Some have speculated whether or not I would support our party's … nominee Jack Conway," Mongiardo said. "Let me be clear. While I am an independent Kentucky Democrat who, like many Kentuckians, don't always agree with the policies advocated by the politicians in Washington, I strongly believe in our Party’s core Democratic principles."

He continued, "I am announcing my support for Democratic candidates on
the ticket this fall —from our U.S. Senate nominee Jack Conway to down ballot candidates across the Commonwelath [sic]."