North Carolina Senate candidate Elaine Marshall (D) isn't sure a campaign visit from President Obama will help her defeat Sen. Richard Burr (R-N.C.). 

During an interview with radio host Bill Press Friday, Marshall said she was still discussing the possibility of an Obama rally with the White House. 

"There are no plans, there is discussion going on," Marshall said. "We will see."

Supporters have asked her if the president is coming, she said. 

"It's real interesting, they hasten to add, 'but we like Michelle, too. We'll be happy with her,'" Marshall said. "She would be a great person to have here."

Other Democrats are beginning to go public with their requests for campaign visits from the first lady. She's mostly hewed an apolitical public role since moving into 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, although that's expected to change as the campaign season gears up.

Marshall said she was considering asking other administration officials to make the trip south.

Press cited White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs's Tuesday briefing, during which he was asked where the president will be campaigning this fall. The president will go where he can be "helpful," Gibbs said. "We will not go places where candidates think it is unhelpful for us to go."

Press asked Marshall if she wanted Obama to visit. 

"We want Robert Gibbs to come to North Carolina, he’s a North Carolina boy," she said.

Press reiterated his question.

"Haven't made that decision," Marshall said.

Obama won North Carolina's Electoral College votes during the 2008 presidential election.