Will Connecticut Senate candidate Linda McMahon (R) be able to put the WWE behind her after Tuesday's primary? 

For now, it seems she can't escape questions about her family business. She was again asked about wrestling's dark side during an interview with ABC's Bill Weir that aired on "Nightline" Monday.

Weir cited one WWE storyline in which McMahon's daughter entered the arena as the crowd chanted, "Slut, slut, slut."

"As a mother, was there ever a time when you were sorta creeped out by your own product?" Weir asked. 

It's a "soap opera," she said. "So sure, there are storylines that are better than others."

Weir noted the broadcasts of WWE matches now carry a parental guidance rating as opposed to a mature rating and asked if that had anything to do with her run for Senate.

"My political ambitions had nothing to do with that," she shot back. "The evolution of moving to PG was already under way before I even thought about entering the political arena. … It's good business."

Weir tried to continue to press her on the wrestling business, but McMahon directed the conversation back to politics.

"We can talk about WWE until tomorrow," she said, adding that's not what voters care about.

"They are concerned about the issues of the day," she said. "They’re not concerned about soap-opera storylines."