The National Republican Senatorial Committee didn't back Ken Buck in Colorado's Republican Senate primary but they are backing him now.

One of Buck's major criticisms of his primary opponent, former Lt. Gov. Jane Norton, was that she was the party's establishment pick.

Now that the primary is finished, Buck campaign spokesman Owen Loftus said the campaign is happy to accept the NRSC's help in the general election contest against Sen. Michael Bennet (D). 

"The problem that we had is that they were stepping into the primary and we thought that was a choice for Colorado voters to make," Loftus said. "If they want to help us, we'd certainly accept it."

NRSC Chairman John Cornyn (R-Texas) has already spoken with Buck about the general election and the committee is expected to be fully engaged.

The NRSC expects that Bennet will be dragged down by his ties to President Obama. NRSC press secretary Amber Marchand said with Buck as the party's nominee "we're confident this is a great potential pick-up opportunity for Republicans in the fall."

The DSCC, meanwhile, is already painting Buck as a right-wing extremist who "wants to impose a radical agenda on Coloradans."

Norton was the favorite of Washington Republicans and she got financial help from the NRSC, something that energized many of Buck's supporters who saw Washington as trying to dictate the Republican nominee. 

Her defeat Tuesday continued the trend of party-backed candidates losing primary contests that has played out in several Senate primaries this cycle, most notably in Utah, Kentucky and Nevada.

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