Colorado Senate candidate Ken Buck (R) believes not all Tea Party members are "dumbasses" and that raising the retirement age past 62 is a way to sustain Social Security.

"We certainly need to raise the retirement age," Buck told CNN's John King in an interview that airs Wednesday night. "I've told my 19-year-old and my 22-year-old that they're not going to be getting retirement benefits at age 62."

He was quick to add, "That doesn't mean that someone that's age 60 won't get them at that point. But we've got to make sure that our younger workers understand that as life expectancy increases, the — the retirement date for — for benefits increases, also."

King asked Buck about his statement about the "dumbasses" in the Tea Party.

Shortly before the primary vote, the Colorado Republican was recorded saying, "can you tell those dumbasses of the Tea Party's to stop asking questions about birth certificates while I am on the campaign."

Buck explained that he frequently encountered a disruptive "birther" — the euphemism for someone who doesn't believe President Obama was born in the United States — at campaign events. "It was frustrating to — to try to — to deal with those folks," he explained. "I was talking specifically about seven or eight people on the campaign trail."

The Weld County district attorney said he has "a lot of Tea Party and 9/12 and grassroots support in Colorado."

"So I certainly wasn't making a disparaging remark about Tea Partiers generally, but, rather, about a few birthers who were trying to disrupt meetings," he said.